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TAS Ltd prides itself on providing quality air conditioning and refrigeration products and services to all customers at an affordable cost. We have expert knowledge in all air conditioning applications and plan our projects to the finest detail.

Our services include the supply, installation, service, maintenance and repair of all types of air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Our qualified engineers are trained in the safe handling of refrigerants and equipped to carry out the installation and service of all types of units.

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We Offer A Complete Service of Design, Supply, Installation and Preventative Maintenance

For advise on current FGAS Legislation and how it affects your business please contact us.

You the Operator

If you operate stationary air conditioning and refrigeration equipment you must prevent leakage and ensure leaks are repaired as soon as possible. You must ensure that only certified competent personnel carry out leak tests. Every system containing refrigerant will need to have a record or log book of the quantity and type of HFC installed and details of refrigerant added or recovered and who carried out the work. The responsibility for compliance with the FGAS Regulation is placed with the system owner (referred to in the regulation as the "Operator" of the equipment) who has the responsibility to keep this record and make it available to the relevant competent authority if requested.

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The Contractor - (TAS Limited)

Companies and personnel involved in installation, maintenance, servicing, containment and recovering activities will be affected by minimum requirements for training and certification. The Government will establish training and certification requirements based on EC requirements. It is the Contractor's responsibility to make sure they have an inspection procedure and that they report their findings to the end user and that they have suitably qualified personnel to do the inspection.